What is the role of executive search firms in recruitment industry?

Recruitment Industry in India is burgeoning at a rapid pace, courtesy the pervasive development drive all over the country. With many big multinational corporations eyeing India as the suitable destination to expand their business and capturing the potential customer out there, the demand for executive search firms is also on the rise as they provide the efficient and effective staffing services to such big business houses. Companies in this industry search, recruit, and place executives and senior managers for both private and government clients. Placement consultancies in India are making the hay while the sun is shining, considering the ever growing demand for astute executives.

Competitive Landscape

Conspicuously, growth of the recruitment industry drives the demand for executive search firms. The profitability of any individual company depends on good marketing, development of loyal customer base, and effectiveness at identifying and recruiting qualified candidates to work for it. Large firms in this sector, especially those with an international footprint, can take advantage of MNCs’ need to find qualified executives all over the world. Small companies can compete successfully by specialising in recruiting for an industry or a job function.

Executive search firms

Functions of Executive Search Firms

Executive search firms take care of a variety of functions for their clients. Some important ones are –

  • locating suitable candidates for executive positions,
  • maintaining a large database of executives’ resumes,
  • matching suitable candidates to clients,
  • conducting prescreening interviews for the clients and
  • performing background checks on behalf of employers

Executives recruited by such firms generally fill permanent, top-level management positions, in contrast to workers recruited by personnel staffing agencies or small level placement consultancies in India, which fulfill temporary assignments for clients. Executive search firms also offer some leadership consulting services like executive assessment, succession planning, talent retention management, executive development, and transition consulting.
The executive search firms have become an indelible part of the recruitment industry all over the globe where the search for talented, impeccable pool of executives have become very important for the growth of any business. These dedicated team at these firms are known for burning the midnight oil to satisfy their clients with the outstanding staffing / recruitment solutions.


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